1985-1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Ford Skorpio
+ 1.1. Car identification
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
- 6. Coupling
   6.1. A technical characteristics
   - 6.2. Service and repair
      6.2.1. Coupling removal
      6.2.2. Coupling check
      6.2.3. Coupling installation
      6.2.4. Replacement of the needle bearing of a shaft of coupling
      6.2.5. Replacement of a cable of coupling
      6.2.6. The mechanism of a pedal of coupling
      6.2.7. Replacement of a pedal of coupling
      6.2.8. Removal and installation выжимного the bearing
      6.2.9. Free wheeling adjustment
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
+ 9. A steering
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Wheels and tyres
+ 13. A body
+ 14. An electric equipment


6.2.3. Coupling installation

Centering of a conducted disk of coupling

Before installation of a new leading disk of coupling completely to remove protective greasing.

1. Carefully to clear шлицевую a part of a primary shaft of a transmission and internal шлицы a conducted disk, and also directing plug выжимного the bearing.
2. To grease шлицевую a part of a primary shaft of a transmission and directing plug выжимного the bearing with a thin uniform layer of special greasing FORD №5021439.

The prevention

The greasing layer should be thin and uniform, otherwise at coupling work excessive greasing will be rejected on working surfaces of coupling and can break coupling work.

3. To establish leading and conducted disks on a flywheel and to centre with the help оправки.
The prevention

The flat party of a conducted disk with an inscription "Fly wheel side" or "Schwungradseite" should be directed to a flywheel.

4. Consistently crosswise to tighten bolts of fastening of a leading disk of coupling and definitively to tighten the demanded moment.
5. To remove aligning оправку.