1985-1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Ford Skorpio
+ 1.1. Car identification
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Coupling
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. A kardannyj shaft and the back bridge
+ 9. A steering
+ 10. Suspension brackets
+ 11. Brake system
+ 12. Wheels and tyres
+ 13. A body
- 14. An electric equipment
   14.1. A technical characteristics
   14.2. Safety locks and the relay
   14.3. Electronic blocks of management
   14.4. System of the central blocking
   14.5. System of indexes of turns
   14.6. The fuel computer
   14.7. Additional control system
   + 14.8. The generator
   + 14.9. A starter
   - 14.10. A windscreen screen wiper, knot of indexes and a headlight
      14.10.1. A windscreen screen wiper
      14.10.2. A screen wiper of back glass
      14.10.3. Replacement and adjustment of atomizers стеклоомывателей
   14.11. Removal and installation of a combination of devices
   14.12. External and internal illumination
   + 14.13. An other electric equipment
   + 14.14. Electroschemes


14.10. A windscreen screen wiper, knot of indexes and a headlight

14.10.1. A windscreen screen wiper

Windscreen screen wiper

1 – the engine,

2 – the holder,

3 – draughts,

4 – axes of levers of screen wipers,

5 – the lever of a screen wiper,

6 – a brush

Replacement of a rubber brush of a screen wiper

1. To establish the screen wiper lever together with a brush in vertical position.
2. To turn a brush in position to perpendicularly lever.
3. To press a clamp (1) and to shift a brush from a hook downwards on the lever. To displace a brush aside on the lever and to remove it from the lever upwards (2 – an aperture through which the brush acts in film from the lever).
4. From the closed party of a rubber brush to compress пассатижами together both steel шинки, to take out sideways from external clips, then to take a rubber brush together with шинками from other clips.
5. To establish a new rubber brush without fixing шинок in one of screen wiper clips.
6. To enter both шинки into a rubber brush so that dredging on шинках looked at rubber and coincided with rubber ledges.
7. To compress пассатижами both steel шинки and rubber together and so to establish them in other clips that ledges on clips from both parties have entered into lock flutes of a rubber brush.
8. To establish a screen wiper brush on the lever and to lower on glass.
9. To check up density прилегания brushes to glass.

Removal and installation of the lever of a screen wiper

1. To open a cowl.
2. To remove from a nut of fastening of the lever a plastic cap and to unscrew a nut.
3. To note position of levers and to remove from an axis the screen wiper lever.

Removal and installation of a screen wiper of a windscreen

1. To remove levers of brushes of a screen wiper.
2. To remove a ventilating lattice.
3. To disconnect a socket of electric wires from the engine.
4. To unscrew 8 bolts "Torx" fastenings of the engine and the screen wiper mechanism to a partition of a motor compartment (1 – two screws are located in front of the screen wiper engine, 2 – three screws about the right lever, 3 – two screws about the left lever, one bolt is located between screen wiper levers).
5. To take the mechanism of a screen wiper and the engine (arrows specify points of fastening of the engine of a screen wiper).
6. To disconnect draughts from axes of levers and кривошипного the mechanism.

The prevention

Draughts of the mechanism are connected to its cranks by means of spherical nylon fingers. Fingers should be taken cautiously by means of the lever, and to insert after a covering graphite greasing.

7. To unscrew a bolt of fastening and to remove a crank.
8. To unscrew three screws and to remove the engine from an arm.
9. For screen wiper installation it is necessary to execute actions in return sequence in relation to removal process.